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    In 1999 we joined the intimate group of specialists in arranging and equipping spaces and interiors in offices, public places, hotels, with furniture – and stayed there for good.

  • Our offer

    Our offer develops along with the needs of our clients. We use the best office and hotel solution offered by the Polish and foreign furniture producers. Our high competence made a name for ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner.

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    Check the companies that belong to the group of our satisfied Clients.


  • Completely brilliant! Armchairs inspired by diamonds in InDISTRICT!

    Diamond-inspired armchairs can be found in the InDISTRICT offer. The inspiration to create the VANK_TIMANTI collection was a geometer referring to polished diamonds. These armchairs are characterized not only by the extraordinary design but also by the comfort of use.

  • Rock stars in InDISTRICT!

    Dynamic and heavy accents of the rock music now are reflected in the interior design. The VANK Rock collection - available in InDISTRICT - will suit places designed for entertainment - and many more! Modern Rock offices may be ideal places for a furniture collection that is strong and expressive in form.

  • Modern executive furniture in spite of gravity in InDISTRICT!

    The minimalist form of the executive furniture was integrated with the technology in such a way that the desk top was based on one side only. The electric height adjustment of the worktop at the same time provides ergonomic work and a smooth change of position from sitting to standing.

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Our projects

See the projects made by us!

Office and hotel arragements

InDISTRICT turns the space of your office or hotel into a unique place that makes you take pleasure of to its limits. If you are looking for somebody who will tune your office to the latest trends while retaining its unique character – surely we are the best choice. Currently we are the indisputable leader in that area, and each arrangement we make stimulates our creativity.

Our projects perfectly meet the needs of our clients. We can listen to and precisely determine the needs of those who trust our experience. Space arrangement has no secret for us, and our hotel projects enjoy the tourists and guests around the globe. Our experience translates into unconventional solutions that are especially appreciated by the clients outside Poland. We help to create an ideal composition blending high-class functionality with the unquestionable elegance with the touch of class.

Originality and functionality

Each approach to the new office arrangement is unique, and we analyse individual needs with the utmost care. Interior design is no mean task in general and requires only the best solutions. Therefore, we co-operate with the renowned manufacturers from Poland and from abroad. The solutions we offer are unique and long-lasting. Moreover, we can be proud of a long list of the world-renowned companies in which our projects contributed to greater comfort of the work.

Arrangement of offices for increased efficiency

The office is a place where we spend about one-third of our lives so it is worth making it a comfortable and pleasant place. Working in a place where we feel safe and which improves our well-being definitely increases the efficiency and creativity while performing our duties. Arranging office space is something that we know best, so by using our services you can expect the effect that will delight all employees.

Arrangement of hotels and dream holidays

Resting in a comfortable and efficiently furnished hotel is something that most of us dream about. The arrangement of hotels is one of the services we offer. We strive to meet the needs of our clients and provide their guests with a unique stay in the place to which they want to come back. A reasonably planned space will certainly have a positive impression on visitors. We invite you to make yourself familiar with the details of our wide offer.