About us


Established in 1999 as the showroom of Balma, soon made the name for itself as ASF Autoryzowany Salon Firmowy. The company enhanced its initial business through the co-operation with the best furniture producers – both domestic and the foreign ones.

In 2017 we created a new brand of InDISTRICT which stands for tailor-made office arrangements and individual approach to customer’s needs and expectations. It is an unique offer for those who want their offices to be the only one of a kind. It is addressed for the offices as well as the hotels which care for the high-quality furniture, carpet flooring and lighting systems.

InDISTRCT stands for:

  • Comprehensive services of office interior
  • Taylor-made solutions of the interior arrangement and lighting systems
  • High-end design
  • Until 300 substitutive workplaces during production of ordered furniture
  • Short deadlines for product delivery

We have in our offer the best products and design solutions from the leading Polish and foreign furniture producers, including: VANK, BALMA, MARO, LAS Mobili, VARIO, MASSONI.

We accept orders both from the Polish and international contractors. The interiors of our design can be found in Great Britain, Germany, India, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Latvia or the Seychelle Islands. 

InDISTRICT interior arrangements are looking into the future not only because we want to be the best and offer our clients the sophisticated solutions. We want more: to challenge their expectations, requirements, and even dreams – and make them real. As the result, new offices are being made that are the sources of future business success.

Make your InDISTRICT-designed office to be the source of your success!